Fall semester is here and so is a new banner

It’s the fall semester now at the University of Illinois. As is the tradition with the Illinois Baseball Report this time of year, I’ve replaced the banner photo with up to date photos (and players!).  I do put some thought into who goes up top but it’s certainly not a scientific formula.  I tend to […]

I am interviewed by B1G Baseball’s Chris Webb

In his effort to cover the Big Ten Baseball scene, Chris Webb asked me if I could answer some questions for his blog, B1G Baseball.  No one needs to ask me twice to talk about Illini Baseball so I told him I was happy to do so. You can check out the interview here. For […]

It was about time for a banner change

With much hesitation, I changed the banner of IBR.  I really liked the photo that was up there before (shown above).  It wasn’t the sharpest image but boy, there was a lot of action and the expression on every guy’s face face is unique and priceless.  And what’s with Corey Kimes and the backwards jersey?  […]

Something new to check out for the new year

Happy New Year everybody!  It’s nice to go into 2012 knowing that our team is the reigning Big Ten co-champions AND the Big Ten Tournament Champions.  That’s gotta carry some weight and I’m sure help in terms of confidence.  With our new, improved schedule (i.e. tougher) for 2012, we’ll be reaching for higher goals, I’m […]

Check out the new IBR banner!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new banner at the top of the IBR web page.  This was one of my favorite photos from last season.  Nothing captures emotion better than a key homerun during the last series of the season.  We can thank Casey McMurray for all of this.  This photo was taken after […]

Look up… IBR has a new banner photo!

What’s there to do for an Illini baseball blogger when there’s no baseball??  Update the banner, of course. I’ve updated the banner annually to reflect the changes in the personnel of team for the past few years now.  Now that fall practice is over, it was time to do so.  The players are, of course, […]

Michigan sports blog interviews IBR

This weekend, Illinois takes on Michigan.   Michigan Wolverines April 16, 2010 6:05 pm ct April 17, 2010 3:05 pm ct April 18, 2010 1:05 pm ct Illinois Field Champaign, IL Program website link Record 18-11 (Big Ten 4-2) Head Coach: Rich Maloney Key player: Ryan LaMarre If you missed it from the previous post, […]

Interview with Larry Fall of Penn State blog Happy Valley Hardball

Larry Fall blogs about sports at Penn State University and his blog, Happy Valley  Hardball covers the baseball team at PSU.  Happy Valley takes a unique look at the team as it is very stats-oriented and Larry even occasionally expands his coverage to the conference in general.  In light of Illinois’ opening Big Ten series […]

Michigan blog previews 2010 Big 10 baseball teams

formerlyanonymous who covers Michigan baseball for mgoblog.com, did a fair assessment of the 2010 Big Ten Baseball teams.  While of course, I would like to see Illinois higher in his preview (he puts him in the second tier after Ohio State, Michigan and Minnesota), it’s pretty consistent with what I’ve seen elsewhere.  And he has […]

IBR is on Facebook

Illinois Baseball Report now has a fan page on Facebook.  If you like to use Facebook, consider becoming a fan. The page will link to all of my web updates and articles plus allow for another venue for discussion (I still encourage commenting here, though!) Here is the link to IBR’s Facebook fan page. Tags: […]