My top ten favorite Illinois Baseball photos of 2015

The Fighting Illini has done a couple “Year in Review” articles recently including a Top Ten @IlliniBaseball Tweets 2015 piece and a rather interesting The Year of Baseball in Illinois.  I’ll do my part. Here are ten of my favorite photos from 2015.  They may not be technically the best nor they may not even […]

Take a look at Dewi Krug’s Illini Baseball photo gallery (you’ll be glad you did!)

Michael Hurwitz’ homerun at Baylor I’ve made no secret of my wish to go to more away games.  I just can’t afford the travel costs and the time away from home.  As good as GameTracker is, it isn’t the same as seeing the guys in action. Ronnie Muck on the mound at Tennessee Tech Along […]

New Sports Information Director Matt Wille answers a few questions

It seems the job of a sports information director on any level is a never-ending one.  I can only imagine the work that entails that position on a Big Ten team.  As I mentioned a while back, we are welcoming Matt Wille as the new assistant sports information director for the Illinois Baseball team in […]

‘Admiral’ Shelton commissioned into US Navy

Earlier today, Illinois baseball player Thomas Shelton was commissioned into the United States Navy.  Above you see the Facebook posting from Fighting Illini Baseball announcing this. Now, I have a connection with Shelton.  He’s a student in the Technical Systems Management program of the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.  That’s where I work.  Essentially, […]

My favorite photos from the 2011 Illinois Baseball season

Throughout the 2011 Illinois baseball season, there have been photos that I go back to and think “I really like that picture”.  Some may not have made it into an IBR article but for one reason or another I find qualities in it that make me think it’s worth seeing. Technically, they may not be […]

Interview: Sports Photographer Cary Frye

Occasionally, I like to do interviews here are on IBR but this time I was really looking forward to doing this one.  The subject this time is sports photographer Cary Frye.  Those baseball fans  who attend games at Illinois Field will probably recognize Cary with his signature orange cap usually worn backwards.  As an amateur […]

Three things I learned from my umpire friend

I have a friend named Todd who is an umpire in Division III back east.  Whenever we get talking, the discussion always gets back to baseball and umpiring.  He knows I’m an Illinois baseball fan so I like to pump him with questions.  Sometimes they revolve around obscure rules and odd situations I may have […]

Top Ten things to bring to an Illini baseball home game

10.  A warm jacket.  Those early season games get pretty chilly. 9.  Money…but only if you want to get something from the concession stand.  Illini baseball games are free this year! 8.  Your Orange and Blue gear.  Wear it proud. 7.  Your voice.  Let the Illini players know you’re there! 6.  A glove.  Handy to […]

Interview with Assistant Sports Information Director Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor is my go-to guy for information about the University of Illinois baseball program.  Ben serves as Assistant Sports Information Director at the U of I and specifically works with the Illini baseball, wrestling and football teams.  It his job to coordinate publicity for the sports programs and work with the media.  From my […]

Interview with Michigan baseball blogger from

This weekend, the Illini take on the University of Michigan Wolverines for a three game series.  To get a good feel for the team, I’m interviewing fomerlyanonymous who blogs about the Michigan baseball team at  On to the interview: Illinois Baseball Report:  Michigan outfielder Ryan LaMarre, who was injured in the first weekend of […]