Fall’s a time for a banner change

Seeing as it’s October, it was about time to change the Illinois Baseball Report banner that you see at the top of the page.  From left to right, you’ll see infielder Michael Hurwitz, starting pitcher Kevin Duchene, outfielder Will Krug, firstbaseman David Kerian, and infielder/pitcher Reid Roper.  And for posterity’s sake, here is last year’s […]

It was about time for a banner change

With much hesitation, I changed the banner of IBR.  I really liked the photo that was up there before (shown above).  It wasn’t the sharpest image but boy, there was a lot of action and the expression on every guy’s face face is unique and priceless.  And what’s with Corey Kimes and the backwards jersey?  […]

IBR photos now being displayed at new gallery

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been migrating my Illinois baseball photos to a new and hopefully better photo gallery (using Smugmug).  I was slightly delayed because I took a desperately-needed vacation this past two weeks but I’m ready to unveil it to everybody. You already see the results in the sidebar.  In […]

Check out the new IBR banner!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new banner at the top of the IBR web page.  This was one of my favorite photos from last season.  Nothing captures emotion better than a key homerun during the last series of the season.  We can thank Casey McMurray for all of this.  This photo was taken after […]

Catching up in the new year

Maybe it’s a little for this but Happy New Year!  It has been a couple weeks since I posted and I do apologize for that. One month from yesterday, the Illini baseball team will be playing in their first game of the 2011 season.  It’s hard to believe.  I remind baseball fans from here who […]

Look up… IBR has a new banner photo!

What’s there to do for an Illini baseball blogger when there’s no baseball??  Update the banner, of course. I’ve updated the banner annually to reflect the changes in the personnel of team for the past few years now.  Now that fall practice is over, it was time to do so.  The players are, of course, […]

IBR is on Facebook

Illinois Baseball Report now has a fan page on Facebook.  If you like to use Facebook, consider becoming a fan. The page will link to all of my web updates and articles plus allow for another venue for discussion (I still encourage commenting here, though!) Here is the link to IBR’s Facebook fan page. Tags: […]

Summer Plans for the Illinois Baseball Report

I started Illinois Baseball Report at the beginning of this year essentially because I thought the team really deserved it.  I put a lot of time into it during the the the season and it’s been a lot of fun. Even though the University of Illinois baseball season is over, the pace might be less […]

Miscellaneous… tix, photos and comments

–Single game tickets for the Big Ten Baseball tournament are now on sale!  Here’s the info on fightingillini.com. –I’m approaching 3000 photos of the Illini baseball team on the Photo Gallery, 2968 to be exact. My photos go back to the 2007 season.  If you are a fan of this site, no doubt you’ve been […]

Illini baseball photos… where they’re at

On the right sidebar, I placed an icon to my gallery of photos of the Illinois baseball team from the past three years.  Take a look around if you want.  I’m going to still host the photos on my thebaseballzealot.com domain mostly because it’s just easier that way. Unfortunately, the photos aren’t as indexed or […]