More on the February home opener

snowman batter I’ve gotten some questions both online and in person about the early home opening series against the Bradley Braves on February 20-21.  Let’s clear a couple things up:

  1. no, it’s not a typo
  2. and no, the team won’t be playing in any local indoor facility

Nice try. 

Those who show up on that weekend will be showing up in brisk February weather to see Illinois play at Illinois Field. 

In contacting the sports information director of the baseball team, I’ve gotten a little background on the scheduling difference.  Apparently, this comes about because the southern schools banded together and convinced the NCAA to add a week to the front of the college baseball schedule.  Obviously, there wasn’t a whole lot of support from the northern schools… University of Michigan coach Rich Maloney was a big (and outspoken) opponent.

So long story short, Bradley was the best choice for Illinois. 

Unless we get a real warm spell then, I don’t expect huge attendance.  But still, I think it would be good if the program would market this series in a fun, creative way that would put the baseball program in people’s minds for the rest of the spring.

Any cool promotion ideas?

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3 Responses to “More on the February home opener”

  1. Build your own snowman.

    Braves the cold.

    Burn a southern school mascot doll for warmth.

    Baseball… on ice skates.

  2. “Burn a southern school mascot doll for warmth.”


  3. That is crazy to try and play baseball in Feb. Ohio State’s 1st home game is March 31st (this yr) and we here in Columbus will be lucky to get the game. As always though the southern schools screw everyone else moving up the season even more. What a joke college baseball is getting to be schedule wise. Every year the season starts sooner and sooner.

    Happy Holidays Tom!!

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