Cubs win! A list of Illini baseball players who went on to play for the Chicago Cubs

To be sure, it’s a good year to be an Illini baseball fan AND a Chicago Cubs fan.  Both teams have exceeded expectations in 2015. On the night of the Chicago Cubs’ first 2015 playoff victory (with hopefully many more to come), here is a list of all University of Illinois baseball alums (such as […]

Big Ten posts updated Record Book

Last week, the Big Ten has updated their Record Book.  For those who have not perused the Record Book, it’s a plethora of sports information such as yearly standings, yearly statistical team and individual records, awards, and 2013 Year in Review.  It’s really quite thorough in its treatment in all of Big Ten’s sports.  Of […]

Former Illini pitcher Marv Rotblatt passes away at 85

The New York Times ran an obituary of former Illini pitcher Marv Rotblatt who passed away on July 16th at the age of 85.  An Evanston native, Rotblatt played for the Illini in the late forties winning the championship in 1947 and 1948.  Rotblatt did make it to the majors but his career was short.  […]

A look back: Photos of the last Illinois Championship team in 2005

I was going through my photos last night and found these shots of the Illinois Baseball team from the 2005 season, the last time they were Big Ten Champions. I don’t even think some of them are posted in the photo gallery (I should take care of that when I have time the 2005 photos […]

The Illini who made it big: Wins

Last week, I started a series entitled “The Illini Who Made it Big” with the intention of bringing some historical perspective to University of Illinois Baseball.  I’ll be talking about some of the former Illini who had made to the majors.  And to make it interesting, I introduced a stat factor… I’m ranking the former […]

The Illini who made it big: Homeruns

During this off-season, I thought I would occasionally take a look the former Illini who had played in the Major Leagues.  To take it a step further, why not post the all-time leaders among Illini alumni in particular stat categories?  It would give us a starting point for some discussion and perhaps some insight into […]

UI Baseball looking back to the old days

There’s been a strong effort by the UI baseball program to get back to its roots, to learn its history.  It’s something I heartily embrace and I know a lot of fans feel the same.  Many have asked me if there was some sort of repository of information on Illini Baseball (“do you know when […]

Former Illini in the majors- the hitters

Without playing any games, Illinois predictably finds themselves right in the middle of the Big Ten non-conference standings at sixth place.  The big winner this weekend is Ohio State who won both of their games while Northwestern and Indiana went oh-fer three. Michigan may have gotten a bit of a scare today.  All-American outfielder Ryan […]

It’s Opening Weekend… for some

This is opening weekend for Big Ten Baseball albeit without the Illini.  Those teams lucky enough to play in warmer climates have been doing fairly well at least for the first two days.  In the 11 games played Friday and Saturday, the Big Ten is 7-4 led by two wallopings by Michigan over Jacksonville State […]

As promised, some baseball photos from 2006

A couple days ago, I posted some photos from 2005 that I had not seen for a long while.  As promised, here are some from 2006 I also ran across. Again, these photos are not the best quality but definitely valuable from an archive perspective.  Enjoy.   Shawn Roof at bat against the Hawkeyes (4/22/06) […]