Poll Watch: Now at #12, Illinois baseball continues its climb

After a 5-0 week and a sweep against the Northwestern Wildcats, Illinois baseball (24-6-1) has risen in the national polls.  D1baseball once again places the Illini the highest at #12.  Here is the full list of polls and where Illinois is placed:   National Poll Illinois’ Ranking Previous Ranking NCBWA 18th 24th D1Baseball.com 12th 15th […]

Poll Watch: Illinois Baseball inching upwards at #17

After a grueling 2-1 series win against the University of South Florida Bulls team plus a midweek win versus Lindenwood-Belleville, the Fighting Illini (17-5-1) find themselves slowly moving up in the polls… again.  In three of the five major national polls, they moved up.  Baseball America kept them at #25 where they were last week.  […]

After 3-1 week, Illinois Baseball is now #18

Well, check this out.  The pollsters have seen to look beyond the loss to 2-12 SIU on Friday and focus on the fact that they have won every other game in the past week.  Some of the fans I talked to wondered if Friday’s 2-0 loss would affect Illinois’ ranking.  Apparently it didn’t.  The Illini […]

Pitching previews: A diplomatic solution to a nice pitching dilemma

The Fighting Illini baseball program has been doing position-by-position previews in the last few days on the fightingillini.com website.  The previews of the actual starting position players haven’t been too surprising but I was wondering what would happen when it came to the pitchers.  Illinois may be in the envious position of having too much […]

Second place Illini guaranteed a #2 or #3 seed in Tourney

A little pressure has been lifted off the Illini for the time being, at least. Illinois is now guaranteed a #2 or #3 seed in the Big Ten Tournament.  Illinois Baseball puts it simply on Twitter…   As far as the top three, it really is that simple.  Indiana, Illinois and Nebraska have distanced themselves […]

2013 Illinois Baseball by the numbers

Brandon Hohl and Davis Hendrickson:  Two of only five Illinois seniors Only a month and a half from now, the Illinois baseball team will begin their new season against Tennessee Tech.  No time like the present to start to get to know our players of 2013.  Before I get into any deep analysis, I thought […]

Illinois baseball Week 1: News bits and pieces

I’m sure we Illini baseball fans are not given in to schadenfreude.  If we were, however, we would pleased to know that because of Illinois’ 9-4 defeat of St John’s on Sunday, the Red Storm have been knocked out of the national rankings.  But I’m sure we don’t have that kind of nasty attitude. The […]

Preview: Fightingillini.com looks at position players

Fightingillini.com posted the second in their series of 2012 previews yesterday.  This time around, they’re looking at the position players.  Don’t miss the accompanying interview video of Coach Snider.   Who among the position players are no longer on the team?  Well in short, Adam Davis, Pete Cappetta, Casey McMurray, Matt Dittman, Josh Parr.  Those are […]

Fightingillini.com posts pitching preview

Fightingillini.com is now just beginning to coming out with their annual previews of the baseball program.  Part 1 was just posted today on pitching.  It will be a very different pitching staff than what we saw go to Regionals in 2011.  Overall, the team lost nine seniors plus three more to the draft and a […]

Looking towards the 2012 season

Here in Champaign-Urbana, we’ve just had our first taste of winter.  In the last couple of days, we’ve had high temps in the 20s with a nice blanket of snow on the ground.  Up until this point, it was almost (college) baseball weather.  On the Fightingillini.com blog, Ben Taylor reminds us that it’s 36 days […]